Nasty Cops 1

A lot of gay men have a thing for uniforms and fantasies of servicing a police man or being forced to suck off a highway patrol man to get out of a speeding ticket. And Bound Gods is one place where we can get off watching our horny cop fantasies coming true. Christian Wilde is a prison guard who has inmate Troy Daniels under his watch. The prisoner has been chained up in his cell and outfitted with a chastity device. It's late, and the jail is empty, so Wilde decides to have some fun with this bad-ass prisoner and make him his sex slave for the night. After choking Troy with his big dick, the guard fucks his ass. Then Wilde gives his dick a break and hangs weights from his prisoner's balls and flogs him hard. Suspending Troy from the ceiling, Wilde fucks him some more and then showers his prisoner with a healthy helping of cop cum.

Nasty Cops 2

Officer Connor Maguire was patrolling the streets when he caught biker Johnny Parker up to no good. It's been a slow night and Maguire doesn't feel like doing a mountain of paper work, so he takes the hairy biker to his secret spot, a place he has tucked away to take care of scumbags like this. Chained and helpless, Parker is forced to suck the cop's nightstick, then his big fat cock. Then strung up from the ceiling, the biker is force fed more cop dick before this corrupt police officer drills his hairy butt hole. After spraying his cum load all over Parker's beard and face, the copper orders his prisoner to jack off and when the biker cums on Maguire's foot, he's forced to lick it clean.

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