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I haven't had much chance since my last blog to check out the nude wrestling at Naked Kombat. Last week I introduced you to the fight site in Winner Takes All. This week another hot pair of guys are going at it on Naked Kombat. TJ Young has martial arts experience so he's no push over in this contest. And these guys have good reason to fight hard - the loser become the winner's butt boy! TJ is matched up with brute brawler Dak Ramsey, a formidable, muscular and hairy man who doesn't look like he's going down without a fight. But Dak has his work cut out for him because he has no formal fight training, just a lot of brawling in bars. But Dak still has a chance of winning because the Naked Kombat referee awards points for other things like slapping your opponent's ass or exposing his butt hole for the camera; full erections during the fighting will get you more points, as will shoving your cock in your opponent's face. I won't spoil the match for you, head over to Naked Kombat and watch the free trailer.

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