naked wrestler wins match

Martin fought his very first match with DJ a few months ago and he got his ass kicked. And that means he got his ass fucked on the mats. The Naked Kombat wrestling matches go all the way - winner takes all, including the loser's ass. Martin has been stewing about the humiliating defeat ever since.

Martin has also been working on his cardio and requested a rematch. Being an Naked Kombat veteran, DJ is always up for a challenge. He fucked a tattooed stud after Oil Wrestling match; and he took on a newcomer in Oiled Up and Ready to Wrestle. But Martin is hoping to fuck and humiliate DJ today.

But this time, DJ's confidence proves to be his undoing; and Martin has definitely been working hard on improving himself for a wrestling rematch - it shows on the mats. And after the final bell signals the end of the match, DJ is down on his knees and Martin is feeding him cock. And before this scene is over, the cocky DJ is getting drilled by Martin's stiff cock.

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