Naked Mud Wrestling

Neither of these opponents comes to the Naked Kombat mat with formal fighting training. Big and brawny Colby Keller brawls with his muscled pals back home and the tall and cut Dakota Rivers works hard on his cardio regimes at the gym. Dakota comes to the mat with one condition: He's a total top. And if he loses, he will choose a flogging over surrendering his ass for a hard fucking. The match goes as expected with Colby seemingly having the upper hand in the jockstrap and naked wrestling rounds. But then, things get a little slippery when a generous helping of mud is added to the mats. Watching these two studs naked mud wrestling is hot. The mud coats everything, slipping and sliding into every crevice and completely covering their cocks and balls. But before the winner gets to claim his prize, these two have to clean up in the showers. What a hot scene: naked fighting, naked mud wrestling, guys showering, and a hard ass fucking! Excuse me, I have to go watch this video again.

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