naked guys in glasses

What's that saying? "Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." Yeah, they're too busy making passes at these guys, who give "He's got a nice pair" new meaning beyond pecs. These confident gents rock hot, nerdy frames instead of sexually invisible contact lenses. Because nobody has a contact lens fetish.

Now contact lens solution fetish, yes. Those folks are out there for sure. I think my upstairs neighbor is one. He has gallons of the stuff delivered. I hear sloshing and moaning at all hours. And he doesn't even wear contact lenses.

And here's a secret: nerds don't need glasses to be sexy nerds (and there are loads of sexy nerds). But when nerdy glasses are mashed up with gorgeous bodies and (gulp) scruffiness, well then fuck yes!

So why do glasses do it for so many of us? First off, I dig a guy who has vision insurance. Nice specs are expensive. But the main draw is that attention it brings to the angles of his face and that you know he's looking at you and sees you. Clearly. Inside and out. As you are. Or that's the hope anyhow.

So who's going to hurry up and make a gay porn video set in an eyeglass shop? Call it 20/20 Inches. Or go the classy route with Eyeglass Facial Cum Explosion Daddies.

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