Naked in Prison

Tony has been a bad boy and now he finds himself in jail. But Tony is showing just how bad he really is. Tony, dressed in a fine suit, is behind bars and handcuffed. What did he do? He's a banker who was caught with his hands in the coffers. And now he's begged me, his lawyer, to get him out of jail. Since Tony can't afford my legal fees and I'm doing this pro bono, he needs to pony up some incentive. So he loosens up his tie and unbuttons his shirt. That's a start. His hairy and muscular chest looks hot; his pierced nipples are so deliciously suckable. Tony unzips his pants and fishes out his big, uncut cock. He wraps his fist around his curved cock and strokes it hard. And then, to tempt me even further and seal the deal, he turns around and spreads his butt cheeks. He's offering up his fuck hole for a little cavity search. Okay Tony, I'll take your case. Let me get you out of here so we can go back to my office and discuss your case.



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