logan vaughn outdoor bondage

Logan Vaughn doesn't notice while he's hiking through the woods that a pervert is following and watching him. When this stalker has the opportunity, he jumps the blond hiker and takes him to the ground. Then Logan finds himself shirtless and his arms are bound to two trees. The muscle hunk is blindfolded, so he has no idea what's coming his way.

With this stranger touching and rubbing Logan's strong body and cock, the hiker is helpless to stop his cock from getting hard. The perv has also tied Logan's cock and balls and secured them to a tree several feet away. And any time the stud moves, he feels the rope pull on his package. Logan is edged to the point of cumming, then his stalker stops. This happens over and over until this blond muscle man is begging to unload. His pleas are ignored.

Logan's captor has a couple more things in mind before he's going to let this stiff cock explode. Down in the shade of the woods, Logan is suspended amongst some trees and he gets his ass pumped with a dildo. His cock and butt are on overload now, and when Logan begs to be allowed to spunk, his captor brings this muscle hunk to orgasm and Logan shoots a huge load of cum all over his gorgeous body.

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