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I always had a moderate interest in wrestling, who can resist hot guys tumbling on the mats? And those wrestling singlets stretched across beefy, athletic bodies - they're a bit turn-on, aren't they? But Naked Kombat has really pushed my interest in wrestling to new heights. Every week they pair up a couple of hot wrestlers and the winner gets the loser's ass.

Sexy Cameron Adams is a newcomer to Naked Kombat and this is his first bout. He enters the wrestling ring with a lot of confidence and his strong, muscular legs could prove quite a challenge for Cameron's opponent. But with a record of 2:1, Martin is no push over. He is looking leaner and sexier than ever, and he's got stamina and endurance, so Cameron is going to have to fight hard.

Martin is 5'11" and weighs in at 170 pounds. He's got a tight and well-defined body. Cameron is shorter and weighs less, but gets Martin in a couple of good holds: Martin's legs are pushed over his head, his arms are pinned to the mats, and Cameron is grinding his pelvis into Martin's ass. Then in another hold, Cameron rips Martin's jockstrap and pulls the fabric hard. But after that it's Martin who gains the upper hand. And before long, Cameron is down on his knees tasting the bitter taste of defeat - and Martin's big cock. Then just like he did to Martin, Cameron finds himself down on the mats with his legs over his head and Martin is sliding his hard cock into his opponent's ass. Maybe next time, Cameron!

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