We gay men do seem pretty fascinated with brothers getting naked together. I'm not sure what it's all about. Perhaps it's the close relationship that brothers are supposed to share - seeing them naked just brings them that much closer together. I mean, most brothers shared a bath together when they were younger, so what's the big deal about being naked in adulthood? Or perhaps it's the forbidden and taboo morales and laws we have against incest - we do always like to skirt as close to the edge as possible, haven't we all wondered what it would be like having a twin brother working us from both ends? Whatever it is, porn always likes to make a big hoo-haw when they have managed to get a couple of siblings to pose nude. In the case of The Guy Site, it's not what you think. Doc and Joey are definitely brothers, but they're not posing naked together on the site - at least not for the moment. Joey posed for The Guy Site first and he's the bottom half of the picture. Joey has actually posed a couple of times: the first time, he was completely smooth and the second time, he let his body hair grow in - I like the latest look best. About his brother Doc, Joey said that he's hung like a horse. Hmmm ... I guess they've been naked together at least once since those childhood baths. What Joey didn't say was that Doc has just about the hairiest butt crack you're going to see on a man. The Guy Site features a variety of men (most with body hair) but there's no particlar gimmick or slant to the site. If you walked into any bar (straight or gay) on a Friday night, you'd find a variety of men - white, black, Latino, tall and short, hairy and smooth, jocks and geeks, muscular guys and slender ones, guys with long hair and others with none. Essentially that's The Guy Site. It's a collection of men the site owner finds attractive and wants to show off.

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