huge bulge

What is this bulge made of? Do you know? I have no clue so I'll have to guess. Several times. Wish me luck! Maybe it's:

  • The fist and wig of wannabe heartthrob Jude Law
  • 400 tiddlywinks
  • Subtlety incarnate
  • Magic 8-Ball that always answers "Yes"
  • Gluten-free nachos
  • Complete Season 3 DVD set of How I Met Your Mother
  • Recalled cat toys
  • Knock-off "Rolex" watches
  • The world's largest sapphire wrapped in yarn for no reason
  • $150/hour
  • Not penis and balls

Definitely it's that last one. Totally not penis and balls. I mean it totally is. I'm confused. Penis and balls do that to me.

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