After spending years surfing all kinds of sites, seeing tours and member areas with all kinds of straight guys, gay sex, twinks and bears, I finally realized something. There's a kind of site I particularly like - and it's got nothing to do with the type of porn in the site. I like sites that show us exactly what we can expect to find in the member area - sites like Corbin Fisher corbinopt.jpg

When I first started surfing porn, site tours were made to look good and make you join. They didn't worry about being honest about their member areas as long as you pulled out your credit card. Back then buying a membership was a crapshoot - a site could have all sorts of great content or could have nothing but plugin feeds.

There was no way to tell from the tour what was really inside of those sites. A bear site could offer its members mostly twinks and smooth hunks on the inside. For every site like Boy Fun Collection that delivered only what they promised on the tour, there were dozens of sites like Chisel where it was hard to know exactly what members would be getting.

Then came what they call reality tours. Those show a few sample pics and sometimes a video of real videos you could see inside the site. One of the first ones I ever saw was Boys First Time. I liked it - especially after I saw the member area and discovered that it really DID offer the exact guys I saw on the member area. That was a big plus - and more and more gay sites are making reality tours. From fetish niches like Spanking Forest to larger-company owned sites like His First Huge Cock, there are a lot more reality tours out there to give us an idea of what's going on.

But although reality tours certainly did help clear up the mystery of what you'll find inside the member areas, some webmasters managed to distort the concept so they would show us the content while making it seem like more than it is. Then came sites that showed you exactly what you were going to get - and this is where we get to my favorite kind of site - what I call a transparent tour.

If you've ever seen Corbin Fisher, you've seen what I mean. The tour is the same page layout exactly as the member area, including the same links and layouts for how the content can be searched and viewed. I've been seeing a few more of these lately, and I feel better about surfing porn because of these sites. These are sites that really come through for the surfers - and that's a good thing. Sites like Gay Video Box and eXploaded that show exactly what members get are changing the way sites are made and changing the way we surf.


After all, when you know exactly what you're getting, you can join a site or not based on what's really there. We shouldn't have to join a site without knowing what's in it, so I just love the sites that are confident enough to show us all their guys and what to expect!

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