If you've been watching any of my recent Lavender Lounge videos, you may have wondered about the giant art pieces on the walls of my garage/basement/dungeon. Well, there are stories behind it.

On the West wall are two larger-than-life sized pieces of a leather man and a leather dyke dancing. They were created by my friend Jim Jeske to be backdrops for the 7th Street Stage at Folsom Street Fair around 1996. (If you don't know, the Folsom Street Fair is the largest leather/fetish event in the world and the third largest, single-day outdoor event in California, covering 13 city blocks with 400,000 people in attendance. 2012 will be the 28th year.)

I was Stage Manager at Folsom Street Fair a couple times and given the chance to hire anyone I wanted to create a backdrop. The sketch was created by Jim and originally printed in a little local 'zine, and I asked him to reproduce it for the backdrop. He had never done something of that scale, so we had to figure out a method. I bought big sheets of 1/4" plywood that we first painted white. Then he used an opaque projector to project an image on the wood to trace the lines. He then cut the wood with a jigsaw and painted the details in black.


On the East wall I have two more pieces by Jim that are giant, arched penises, one circumcised, the other uncircumcised. They were commissioned for an internet start-up I worked for in the 90s as a backdrop for their "Mr. Cut and Uncut Contest". The contest was kind of a flop, but I got to keep those art pieces.

The way the garage is set up, the art pieces are framed perfectly with the way the walls are divided. I think it gives a bit of an interesting, creative edge to the porn I shoot. But it does often give people driving by a little shock when I open the garage door and they see two giant penises!

Check out Lavender Lounge and see how many times you can see the artwork on the walls!

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