The more I work out with my trainer, the more attracted I am to muscular men. I was never too terrible impressed with the beefcake look. But after putting in some blood, sweat, and almost some tears, I have come to appreciate what it takes to build a body like this. Gian Luca is a 28-year-old, bouncer from Italy. And I wouldn't mind having him bounce off me, in fact, I wouldn't even mind having him wrap his arms around me and haul my ass out of his bar. He's a good-looking, hunk with big, beautiful kissable lips. He has a hairy belly, but a smooth chest. I think he probably shaved his chest to show off his muscles and his tattoo better. But I'd really prefer that he let it grow in. I could see his muscle just fine through a thick mat of hair. Gian's got a hefty piece of meat between those hairy beefy thighs and he lies back and jacks off a nice load, shooting a stream up cum right up his belly and between his pecs. Now that's thrusting power. Gian is just one of the men at Stallion Men, a whole site devoted to muscle men of all colours, but they're all really big.

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