drag queen photobomb

Who else but a drag queen DJ would know the exact right music to accompany this semi-public threeway? And it seems to be having a different effect on each person.

Guy #1 (black jockstrap): When the guy you're making out with already is getting his dick sucked, it's a sure sign that you're in the in crowd. But you've got to work hard to stay popular. Luckily that driving beat keeps you in the zone.

Guy #2 (dick suckee): Fast music with screeching vocals (I'm assuming) is all about multitasking and so is this guy. From his mouth to his hand to his succulent cock, he's having it all and doing it all. Luckily he has a special someone at home to do his laundry, also known as a male wife. How liberated!

Guy #3 (dick sucker): He's managing to get in some much needed shut eye while nursing on that foreskin. To him the music is a lullabye. He's more of a heavy metal guy.

Guy #4 (obvlivious one): Admittedly a mystery, we do know he's gesticulating, so for him the track is like '50s cocktail music, just in the background. He may not even notice the live sex acts going on right next to him. You'd think he'd join in. Well, he's got a point to make, so there.

And the drag queen? Just photobombing away and getting paid.

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