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I love Jared's cock. It's not a long one, but look at that fucking mushroom head - delicious! I love suck cock and I love that vast variety of shapes and sizes of dicks. Jared is a 47-year-old man and he's a sexy bugger. This hot daddy calls Southern California home. He's a good-looking man with some sexy face scruff and a rock solid body. He's got a friendly smile and beautiful ocean-blue eyes. But let's get back to that cock of his. I love wrapping my lips around a mushroom cock, sliding my lips and tongue around the sensitive crown. And the hot thing about sucking a mushroom head cock is feeling the bulbous cock head growing and plumping up in your mouth. And when you flip this daddy over, you'll find a wonderfully beefy and smooth butt. And those thighs - fuck they're strong and thick.

Mushroom Head Cock

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