Mushroom Head Cock

Colt is a dreamy, dark-haired hunk who is back for his third appearance on Perfect Guyz. And he really gets my cock stirring. I've always had a thing for dark-haired men and I get especially hot when they sporting a little face scruff. Colt has a gorgeous body - well-defined with hard, hairy abs; ripped abs; and a bulging set of guns. Colt has become famous for his ability to shoot a massive load of cum, and hence, his triple appearance on the site. I couldn't believe the first time I saw him cum. It was like he turns a hose on his hairy torso. He was covered in cum from chin to pubic hair. And in this video, Perfect Guyz has Colt posing and flexing in front of a mirror to flex. He's got a great cock, it's 9-inches long, skinny, with a plump mushroom head cock head. That delicious crown would fill up your mouth real good. Colt stroked his and kneaded his balls, all the while, checking himself out in the mirror. Finally he lets out one final moan and pumped streams of hot cum on the mirror. You're not going to believe the shape of this mirror. What a mess!



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