Smooth muscle man

It's red head day here at Gay Demon. Earlier today I blogged about sexy hot, hairy man Adam Faust. Well here's another red head, Luke. And this muscular man is off the charts. He's not classically good looking, in fact, many would say he's not good looking at all. And these are the kind of men I like the best. Who wouldn't want to have this big piece of beef hovering over them, looking down at you. I mean, let's jump to the obvious. Look at that cock. It's a fat fucker, and it's not even hard. I had a "holy shit" moment when I saw it at it's full swollen fury. It's the kind of cock you want to worship on your knees for a good long time, no rushing him to the finish line. Luke has huge hands and when you see it fat hand wrapped around his fat hard cock, you'll have a "holy shit" moment of your own. And what a body. Who can deny that this muscular red head has a hot body. Those arms and shoulders have staying power to support him while he drives that fat mushroom head cock into your ass. I loved watching this muscular red head sitting back on his sofa, big hairy thighs spread, and his fist wrapped around his dick. Yeah, he's a hot fucker and I've got some more jacking off to do.

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