Muscular Latino

Lex is a big strapping boy. Standing 6'3' and weighing 222 pounds this 21-year-old is in his prime. He's half Columbian and half British, so that gives him an exotic look. And I'd say that he inherited his cock from the Columbian side of the family - I love those thick Latino cocks. Lex hits the gym four times a week, and aside from giving him large biceps, all that testosterone gives him a big sexual appetitie, too. So Lex is only too happy to pull his cock out of his pants and jack off for the cameras. He admits that he "has" to hit it every day, either by himself or with his girlfriend. Lex also turns over on the couch and gives us a look at his ass - beautiful, big, and beefy, with a light dusting of hair along his butt crack. And when he settles in to bust his nut, he likes rubbing his balls with his fingers. Lex isn't a distance shooter, but he does do volume, leaving a big pool of creamy cum glistening below his belly button.

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