Muscular Jock

There's new meat at Corbin Fisher this week! I love it when they introduce new guys to us. There's always the suspense of waiting to see if they're going to make an encore appearance after their initial jack off session. I guess some guys are more than a little freaked out by the whole notion of another guy sucking their cock. And I guess I could understand that, I'd run shrieking from the room if someone asked me to pull my pants down in front of a girl. And if she was going to put my cock in her mouth, I'd probably pass out. Seriously. Never been there, never going to, don't want the t-shirt. So Alex here is a very muscular 20-year-old who is showing off in his first video on Corbin Fisher. Alex starts off his video doing what he's comfortable with - flexing his muscles and posing. Once he relaxing a bit, he starts stripping out of his clothers, and then, getting his cock hard. And for a first-timer, Alex does amazingly well. You're going to love the super wet cum shot this muscle boy blows. And I have a feeling after watching his interaction with Corbin that Alex is going to be back to play with the Corbin Fisher guys.

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