Muscular Brit

Dillon made a big splash a couple of weeks back when he showed up on UK Naked Men with his 9.5-inch cock. And it is a spectacular piece of meat - 9.5 inches swooping into a strong banana curve, with a delicious plump and suckable cock head. This week Dillon is back for a solo, outdoor jack off session. But first he shows us how a Scotsman puts on his kilt. And once he goes to all of the trouble to get into his kilt, he just takes it off again. But it's an interesting way of interviewing a model and getting to know them. As he's getting dressed, he talks about himself, so by the end of it, you really feel like you know a little something about this guy. Once he's naked, he sits on top of a table on an outdoor deck, gets his huge cock hard, and jacks off a nice load for us. And he spews his load all over the wooden deck below - what a terrible waste of cum.

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