muscular black bear

We don't see a lot of black men on bear sites, so Wood is a welcome sight. He's a muscular, beefy bear with awesome arms and a big, firm belly. He's got a beautiful, full pair of lips; and you just know this muscle bear is a good kisser. You couldn't help but being a passionate kisser with lips like these. Wood is an ex-pro football player and I can't imagine how the opposing team felt seeing this mammoth barreling down the field. Wood teases us as he slides his jeans down his thighs. He slowly lowers them past his pelvis until eventually, he reveals a deliciously meaty cock. It's long and the shaft is coal black. His cock head is plump and flared - a cocksucker's dream come true. He grabs a bit of grease and lubes up his fat cock. I always love how a black man's cock looks oiled up. Glistening and shiny, just begging for attention. Wood takes matters in hand and squeezes his fat dick, making it swell even more. Head over to Pantheon Bear and watch this black muscle bear spewing a load of spunk.

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