muscles in leather

For several decades, COLT Studio Group has consistently presented us with the hottest masculine hunks, and they sure don't disappoint us in this scene from their DVD titled Muscles in Leather. A lot of people still think that COLT is a muscle poser site; it's amazing the number of people who don't know that COLT films some of the hottest sex scenes around.

In this scene, Samuel Colt is making his debut with COLT Studio. He's a handsome man with a beefy, muscular body, and his round and firm ass inspires a hard fucking. Nate Karlton isn't just hot and stunningly good looking, he's the kind of man you want to marry and keep all to yourself.

Both of these pumped-up muscle men are decked out in their best leather. Watching them kissing passionately and fondling all those muscles is such a turn-on. Nate releases Samuel's stiffening cock from his leather jock and swallows this healthy helping of cock. Samuel gets down on his knees and works over Nate's big throbbing cock, too.

While getting his dick serviced, Nate can't keep his eyes off Samuel's smooth ass bulging out of those leather chaps. While Samuel's mouth feels hot on his cock, Nate can't wait to slide his man meat into this beautiful butt. Nate grabs the back of Samuel's harness and forces his hard dick between those round heaps of flesh. "C'mon... Gimme your cock ... Give it to me!" Samuel demands. Nate pounds his ass hard and deep.

By the end of this sweaty leather scene, Samuel Colt's hard muscled body is covered with two big, sticky loads of cum. And with his first COLT scene over, we can expect to see a lot more of Samuel Colt; and of course Nate Karlton already has an impressive library of fuck films over at this muscle man studio. You'll want to check out them all!

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