Muscled Well Hung Spencer

There's a new site in town and it's called Hard Friction. Their newest addition is a hard muscled hunk by the name of Spencer Reed. His interviewer, Bruno, has a brief chat with him about his iron pumping schedule before getting down to some body worship and beating off. As you can tell, Spencer has built himself quite the fantastic, chiseled physique. Each time he moves, something flexes. Whether it's a tricep, an oblique, or even a forearm muscle. Amazing! Spencer evokes a manly, yet still modest, persona. He knows what we want to see and how much we love it, but he's not too full of himself. Now that I like. What I like even more though is that thick cock of his. Especially as he strokes it so fast, his hand and manmeat are nothing but a blur. I bet the heat between that hand and his dick is something else. If you get off on large cock heads, Spencer's should have you champing at the bit!

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