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Kurt is the new chauffeur at UK Naked Men. He helps out running errands, picking up models, and I imagine a few things that we wouldn't find in a conventional job description. The UK Naked Men say that Kurt was hired for his driving abilities, but after looking at his photos, I'm wondering if his good looks; huge uncut cock; perfectly toned body; big, heavy balls; blond hair; ice-blue eyes; handsome face; and fabulous ass had anything to do with it. Before Kurt even strips out of his chauffeur uniform, he pulls his hard cock out of his zipper. Good Lord! What a fantastic piece of meat. It's unbelievably thick with a tight pair of shaved nuts. As he peels out of his clothes, you'll see that his uncut cock isn't the only perfect thing about this stud. Kurt has a gorgeous body -- perfectly sculpted, tattooed, and his chiseled chest is covered with a light dusting of fine, blonde hair. He's stunning. I'm just not sure how much driving he's going to get done. I mean in the car, of course. This hot muscle stud must have guys bending over everywhere he goes.

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