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This is Dave and he's showing off his super hot body on Fratmen this week. Dave is a fan of Dynamic Tension, the Charles Atlas technique of body building. And his workout routine has produced a muscled body right out of a 1950s physique magazine. Look at those amazing shoulders and arms! Fuck! Strong round shoulders, bulging arms, hairy pits ... oh man, wrap those babies around me and squeeze tight. Dave has a square jaw and a goofy smile. His ripped abs pop right out at you. And as your eye moves down between his legs, his long, uncut cock pops up at you, too. What a beautiful piece of meat. And Dave has a beautifully firm ass, too, and when he pumps that long cock of his into a pillow on the bed, I just about had to stop blogging and take care of a hard situation of my own. But I'm dedicated to my job, so I'll finish off Dave's blog before I abandon you. So that's it for Dave, I'm off to enjoy his ball-bustingly jot jack off session.

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