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Hans Ebson is a well-recognized gay porn star. He's been making films since 2002 and has starred in such films at Out of Athens and Demolition Daddy. This week he stopped by Perfect Guyz to show off his hot, muscled body. In his interview, Hans tells us that he is at the pinnacle of his career. At 5'8' and 155lb his is in the best shape of his life - ripped and muscular. Look at that strong upper body, those bulging and rounded shoulders, and those hard pecs. Can't you just imagine him doing push-ups on your ass? He has just finished a three-year gig with a major production in Las Vegas and he's enjoying a bit of a hiatus in Los Angeles. Hans's ass is just as appealing as his upper body - he's got one hard-muscled bubble butt. And, of course, Hans really caught my eye because he's got a thick, 8-inch, uncut cock. Thick cocks and foreskin, two of my favourite things. The 8 inches, I can take it or leave it - the size isn't so important for me. Of course, it's nice when they come along. Hans is featured in a jack off video over at Perfect Guyz, and you're definitely going to want to check him out. That uncut cock of his is beautiful and I loved watching him pump it in his hand.

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