Muscle Man

I always love it when a straight guy starts off his foray into gay sex with a massage, it's such a predictable come-on. Stewart here is a huge bodybuilder who has done a couple of jack off videos for Perfect Guyz and other sites, but he's 100% straight. When Perfect Guyz suggest a massage scene with another guy, Stewart said that he didn't think another guy could get him off. Oh pulleeze ... Mary, you just close your eyes and an fat, ugly, 60-year-old Ukranian woman with a piece of liver in her calloused hands could get you off. Straight guys are so silly sometimes. Perfect Guyz has a regular masseur who is quite skilled at what he does, so they weren't concerned about getting Stewart off. And in fact, as Brent stoked and teased his cock, Stewart had to ask Brent to hold off - he was close to shooting his load and wanted the good sensations to linger. When Stewart was ready to cum, Brent stroked his cock and Stewart let out a surge of cum, and as Brent continued to stroke Stewart's cock, he let loose on a second jet of cum. Two cum shots in one jack off session ... hmmm, what was that you were saying about guys getting you off, Stewart?

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