Bi Latin Guy

I love looking at the underside of man's cock. Perhaps because I'm a cock sucker at heart and this gives me a view that really turns my crank. I love being on my knees and staring up at a big, uncut cock. Giovanni is a hot, muscle Latino guy with a beautiful body. He's got plump and well-developed pecs, the kind you like to rub your hands across. And his belly is dusted with light, fine hair. He lies back on a leather sofa and opens up the hole in his shorts and gives us a peek at his low hanging balls and I started to get hotter. I also notice that he has huge feet, so now my interest is really peaking. He pulls his cock through the piss slit in his boxers and lies his big bull balls across the fabric. And then, he starts jacking his uncut cock and getting it hard. With a semi hard-on he gets his meaty cock flop between his legs. It's beautiful with his foreskin still covering most of his juicy cock head. And wait until you see his rear view - he's got a beautiful, plump ass that's also covered in fine hair. When he gets down to business, he gets his fat uncut cock good and hard and shoots a perfect stream of cum up the center of his hairy belly.

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