Muscle Inspiration

I guess Muscle Inspiration gives you something to aim for if you are working on your body, and/or it gives you some home shots of muscled guys from 18 upwards showing off what they've achieved. There's not a lot of reading to be done here, it's not a blog-cum-site that's offering help or advice, it is simply a collection of guys who have clearly spent a long time working on their bodies. The images are arranged in to collections by muscles, so there are areas for Abs, Back, Obliques and so on and there are hundreds of images to browse through. Most of these have that homemade feel and look to them, there are all kinds of sexy looking men, some bigger than others, some in classic poses, others just standing and having their photo taken. There are a lot of posing pouches as well, but I didn't see any nudity, so that's one 'muscle' that's not on show here. Take a look and see if you are inspired to build up a bicep, tricep or pec.

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