muscle hunk fourway

Derek Pain has been looking forward to leather weekend in Chicago for a long time. He heads to the Steamworks to pump up his muscles and get his body looking hot for the throngs of leather men who will be out cruising for sex. After his workout he heads for then steam room, and while relaxing Derek fantasizes about a hot scenario he's been playing out in his head for quite some time. Bound Gods brings in four hot masters to make this fantasy a reality.

Four guys subdue the muscle hunk and tie him up. They go to work on him, beating him with floggers. He's completely bound with rope, and just to make sure he's not going anywhere, he's got heavy clamps squeezing his nipples and two heavy metal balls hanging from his own nuts. And he's bridled just so his masters don't need to listen to him complaining and crying.

The guys head for a hot pool and subject this muscle hunk to some dunking and breath play. It's pretty brutal trying to hold down a big muscle stud like Derek Pain, but with four men around him, the job gets done. The guys get into flogging one another, and then, some cocksucking and ass fucking is thrown in for good measure. This is one hot night this muscle hunk isn't soon to forget.

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