I love bodybuilders. There's something about muscular men that drive me wild. Those sculpted abs, strong arms with their bulging biceps and massive shoulders, mighty legs like marble pillars - everything about them makes me tingle. But want to know what my favorite part of a beautiful piece of beefcake is? His butt. That's right - there's nothing like a hard, muscular ass to get me to look - no, to STARE. At the gym, I love watching guys in form fitting shorts as they do squats. Their bodies glisting with sweat, their strong shoulders holding the bar as their legs and magnificent asses flex.

And that's something I really like about Manifest Men - they make sure to capture not only each model's abs, cock, biceps, legs and shoulders but also his beautiful muscular ass!


I love those bodybuilder butts, yes indeed! In the gym, at the beach, posing, walking down the street or in the shower, I just can't get enough of those firm, muscled, rounded asses.


I don't know about you, but there's something about a man with a muscular, defined back and rock-hard glutes that makes me squirm in my chair. Muscle butts - I love 'em!


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