Mugs Fucks Twink Tommy

A friend of Daddy Mugs called him up and let him know about a hot twink he might be interested in feeding his fat cock to. Mugs told him to send over some pics of the boy and sure enough, he wanted him over at the studio right away! Tommy is 23 years old and if there's anything he loves, it's to get his tight ass fucked good and hard. Bareback isn't out of the question either by the looks of it. After just some kissing and fondling, Tommy was ready to get filled right up with Daddy's ram rod. The older stud takes Tommy first from behind, grinding into that sweet twink asshole for all he's worth. He was quite impressed with how well Tommy took it! From there, Tommy was rolled over on to his back with his legs way up in the air. You can see just from the images that Daddy is putting a good amount of power into those thrusts. The intense pounding brought both he and Tommy right to the edge of bliss - where they blow their thick, sticky loads of cum all over each other!

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