Mug Mug World

You might be wondering what Mug Mug World is all about. I was certainly intrigued as I scrolled trough the photos and video clips on this neatly designed blog. What I didn't know was that MugMug actually means a person or lifestyle that combines specific elements. And those elements include bearded guys who wear checked shirts. Ah ha! Bears. Well, no, because then the definition goes on to include a like of pubs and intimate paces, acoustic concerts and guitars, a love of folk and alternative music, someone who drinks herbal tea or loves American coffee. As I read this definition I started to wonder if perhaps I was a MugMug and, reading the additional meaning, I discovered I probably was. The term, in gay culture, also refers to someone who is a mixture between a bear and a hipster.

So that's probably why I appreciated the photography that makes up most of the blog/site; seemingly random images at first which, after a few minutes of browsing, somehow calm you and start to make you think. This blog is a great place to find some alternative images and viewpoints.

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