Apple's big PR push on its iPad Air 2 left and Retina iMac left out the most important news of all: you can watch naked, hard guys with moustaches fuck, suck and jack all on your extremely high-res screens. And with the ultraportable iPad 2 Air (now even lighter than before), you can sit on the toilet and watch naked guys with moustaches do their naked moustache things. Apple really missed the boat on that one, plus the whole thing where the speakers to the iPad are on the bottom, not stereo at all. What's the deal with that? Hey Silicon Vally, need to hear moustached men fuck and moan in stereo.

So that's the 2D part of moustaches, but as for live moustache action, damn they can feel good on a cock (and look good on a cocksucker). Plus rubbing that moustache on a guy's sensitive spots (nips, inner thighs, belly, lips). Damn and damn.

All those straight actors playing gay characters always talk about that damn burn from making out with a guy with facial hair. Well, yeah, but I think it's a badge of honor. Like your face has been spanked by tongue and moustache. And if there are dueling moustaches? That's a duel I want to see. Still lots of guys are rocking the goatee situation, and that's fine, but a solo moustache is often the way to go. Just ask Tom Selleck. Oh wait, you don't remember him as much since he shaved off that iconic moustache. See? That's okay, Tom. You'll always have a moustache to me.

Check out some yummy as fuck moustachioed lovers.

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