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For the last few months, Men at Play has been running a contest: they were hunting for the face of Men at Play. Starting in mid-July they began unveiling the three finalists. Marco Wilson and his long cock was the first finalist I blogged about. But the second finalist came too quickly and I couldn't fit him into my schedule, and then, Men at Play announcement the third finalist - and winner - earlier this week. Levi is a handsome hunk, and at times, reminds me of a blond Hugh Grant, except without all the teeth; at other times, he's reminiscent of a young and dashing David Bowie. But however you look at him, he's hot and he's sporting a chin dimple that just drives me crazy. He peels out of his suit and shows us why he is Mr. Men at Play: hard body, moderately hairy, six pack abs, long muscular legs, and a cock that shoots a mean load of spunk! You'll want to head over to Men at Play and check out this fine specimen of man!

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