Moutarde is a hugely picture-rich blog with what may well be the lushest and tastiest pictures compiled in one thematic blog. Handsome, built and totally naked men just drip off the pages in ways I haven't seen yet as a consistent grouping. Each post deals with a particular subject - model-worthy and studly- and each also gives us glimpses of what's underneath all the sheen of clothing, underwear and all those interfering complexities of civilized society. Just scrolling through the pictures is an adventure in restraint - these guys are incredibly hot. Some of the models go by name - Kyle Lewis, Jan Trajan, the mysterious bear, "Damon", all shown in splendid relief. Most of them are naked and all out there, big as life in poses designed to take your breath away. This French blog is stunningly well put together, with an avid and active appreciation of what the hottest male bodies have to offer. Hard and semi-erect cocks abound, along with some very stylish and gorgeous clothing, half-on or half-off as your assessment pleases. For sure, the style is lavish and artistic, yet there is a pulsating sexuality all the way through this smoking hot blog that gives us some definite cock-tightening. Imagination and a lusty appreciation are imprinted durably and emphatically here - just the galaxy's sexiest men, laid out in ways you would absolutely want to see them.

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