19 year old Cody is a midwestern boy with a tempting smile and deep blue eyes. He really knows how to have a good time, so he's very cool to hang out with. College Dudes 24/7 paired him with Vince, their 20 year old resident bad boy. This shoot takes place at a motel, and Cody and Vince take a little time to talk and get to know each other - but not much time because suddenly Cody was sucking Vince's cock, and the College Dudes 24/7 crew had to jump to get the cameras going so they wouldn't miss any of the action!

Here they are just seconds before things started to happen. Vince is the one with the tattoo on his chest, and Cody is on the left with his horny smile.


And here they are seconds later as Cody decides to go for it and starts licking Vince's cock, which as you can see is quite hard...


Before this shoot ended, the guys had sucked and fucked each other in every way they could think of, but this is my favorite pic. Not only is it fucking HAWT, but I keep wondering whether the people on the balcony above looked out and got an eye full!


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