Top 10 Most Searched-For Pornstars Of 2014

As we near the end of 2014 and look forward to a New Year of extraordinary and ground-breaking gay porn, we countdown the top 10 most searched-for pornstars of 2014. We trawled through our search logs and looked for the pornstars you wanted most of over the whole year...


10. Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan comes in as number 10. The former twink pornstar announced earlier in the year he was returning to porn. In August he went one step further and signed exclusively with Falcon Studios.


9. Topher DiMaggio

At number 9 is slick-haired, handsome dark stud Topher DiMaggio. The mainly top pornstar and Andrew Christian model needs no explanation for his ranking in our top 10 searches, his body and 8" cock speak for themselves.


8. Jack Harrer

Bel Ami Online pin-up model Jack Harrer is at number 8. We were not at all surprised to see Harrer still topping the charts in searches after his scenes such as this with Brian Jovovich. No doubt we will see much more of the exclusive Bel Ami model in 2015.


7. Paddy O'Brian

The year that straight, gay-for-pay pornstar Paddy O'Brian bottomed for the first time. The much anticipated scene saw us searching in droves. Paddy even went on to be a gang bang bottom in a later 'Top 2 Bottom' scene.


6. Ryan Rose

Another Falcon Studios exclusive (which incorporates Raging Stallion and Hot House), Ryan Rose makes position 6 in our 10 top searched-for pornstars in 2014. No top 10 would be complete without this gorgeous stud.


5. Jarec Wentworth

Now a exclusive after debuting porn as Jarek for Sean Cody and doing a brief stint with Randy Blue, Jarec Wentworth is at 5th position. In June, he made his first appearance for in new series 'Men for Sale'.


4. Mick Lovell

With a score as high as 95 it's no wonder another Bel Ami Online model takes another position in our end-of-year chart. Mick Lovell is at number 4. The smooth, blond, European beaut definitely deserves such a high position.


3. Connor Maguire

Holy shit it's Connor Maguire. He's fucked his way around many studios and it seems nobody has managed to tie him down with an exclusive contact yet. Maguire looks totally at home pounding cute twinks at Helix Studios and even humiliating bound slaves on Kink Men sites.


2. Johnny Rapid

Boyish looking Johnny Rapid is runner up at 2nd. He's filmed a shit load of daddy/boy scenes for, and they're damn popular! Well done, Johnny! We hope you'll do even better next year!


1. Dato Foland

It was truly a year of firsts. Dato Foland's first bareback scene, with none other than Michael Lucas himself, saw searches for the already popular hunk from Russia sky rocket. Congratulations to both Dato Foland and Lucas Entertainment for being 2014's most searched-for pornstar on GayDemon!

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