Adam and Jack are two of the most popular guys at Blake Mason. They get the most fanmail and the most requests for more shoots. Adam has been gone for a while, so it made sense to bring him back after 6 months in a session with the very hunky and passionate Jack. And even though this is the last pic of the set, I just couldn't resist showing you the grand finale of the shoot first as Jack pumps his cock furiously while Adam's meat missile ravages Jack's tight and hungry hole!

As you can see, things got off to an incredible start. Adam was already on top, the guys were kissing like crazy, mouths open and tongues tasting each other. Adam is holding both cocks...


The guys are all over each other. With both cocks pressed together in Adam's hand, he squeezes and teases both and that way he still has a hand free for whatever he might need a hand free for.


Adam has slid his rod deep inside Jack's ass and is fucking him hard, driving Jack wild with every thrust. Jack is jerking his meat harder and faster as Adam gets him closer and closer to the point where Jack can't hold back any longer!


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