One thing I can say about the way a lot of European folks set up their personal sites is that although they may be simple in design, all the links are easy to find and actually lead to where you're going. Featured here are literally 100's, if not 1000's of pics of "Mortice Deadlock" engaging in all kinds of sexual kinks. Be it bondage, cross dressing, closeup asshole spreading, or even fully clothed leather fun, you'll see something that will be to your liking. Mortice is a good looking skinhead who loves things hardcore and as outrageous as possible from what I can see. I spent close to 15 minutes here and there's no way I even touched the huge amount of pic galleries. Also available are stories of Mortice and his pals relaying their antics. Leather, chains, and downright domination are a large part of the library here. But like I said, you'll find a bit of everything. Very nice and simple site with a shitload of free pics. I even picked up a hardon in the process of checking it out. Hopefully you will too and even get to do something about it. Have fun.

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