There's nothing like a morning hard-on to start your day. TJ here is just waking up and his cock is rock hard. He slides his sheets and blankets down his slender and smooth body, and then, he pulls his hard cock out of the fly in his red boxers. TJ is just 18, he stands 5'11" and weighs 170 pounds, and his stiff cock is 7.5 inches when fully erect. He's a good-looking guy with beautiful facial features -- I particularly love his lips. TJ was featured last week on Corbin Fisher when he bottomed for a guy for the very first time. And since then Corbin got so much e-mail about TJ demanding to see more of him. So this week TJ is all by himself. He's a one-handed pumper and he's got a beautiful cock -- quite thick at the base with a tight set of shaved balls. And when he cums, Corbin managed to capture the most perfect picture of a stream of cum arcing through the air. I love flying cumshot pictures.

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