Mormon Missionary Positions

Mormons seem to be everywhere. From Mitt Romney to Broadway, Mormons are now part of the mainstream. And despite the Mormon Church's stance on homosexuality, the religion is making headway into gay culture.

There is a fascination with male Mormon's from the gay perspective. From GLBT independent films to gay porn, they seem to be all around us. Now comes a photo book entitled The Book of Mormon Missionary Positions. This is not about Mormons doing missionary work or their position on the issues. Rather two Mormon missionaries posing in various sexual positions. Fully clothed in their recognizable Mormon suits.

The brainchild of Art Director Sara Phillips and Photographer Neil Dacosta, the latter telling the Huffington Post "This project means a few different things to everyone involved, but the overall goal is to start a discussion, using a visual medium, about equal rights and the separation of church and state."

The goal was to "leave our description fairly open-ended" in hopes "that viewers will find their own personal meanings within the series."

Dacosta also adds "The response we have gotten has been overwhelmingly positive. As we have been seeing lately in our society, the institutionalized views of past generations don't represent our current generation's beliefs. We have a long way to go still, but at least things are changing for the better."

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