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When gays get asked what they look for in a guy physically most would say, rock hard-abs, killer guns, broad shoulders in other words a fit fucker that spends more than half of his time at the gym! Cos seriously there's more to life than that!

Well, I am here to say that it's not always about having an arse you can bounce a quarter off of. There is nothing hotter than a dude with a bit of XXX-tra beef to love! Having said that, I do not mean obese or anything like that, just a regular fella's body!

If you have the body of a Greek god, good for you! I'm not throwing shade! I just think that recently we gays have had this idea rammed into our heads that in order to be hot you gotta be a fucking cover model! This is just beyond ridiculous.

There is nothing sexier than grabbing on to thick, beefy legs when sucking a cock for all it's worth. It's high time we pay some attention to all the dudes out there that might not be on the covers of magazines or stars in porn movies but sure do turn up the heat for this over-sexed gay!

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