'Join this site and gain access to 5 bonus sites full of great content, all for one low price!' You'll see this type of statement on a lot of free tours to porn sites which woo you incessantly to convince you that you're getting the mother lode of porn. This would lead one to believe that you're getting variety of a wide range, so why not take the chance. Even if the bonus sites suck, as long as the main site that's making you wanna join is good, then you've gotten your money's worth. But money isn't the only issue here, it's the content itself.

I'm all for the concept of getting more for less. I think it's great when a site has four or five brother sites from the same producers that have content focusing on various areas, be they fetishes or ethnicities or whatever. However, one should never expect greatness from these sorts of multiple-site deals. In many cases, the main site has good exclusive content, but the brother sites are either pics-only, feature ancient vids that we've all seen three hundred times, or they're just streaming vids with no original content for download. But I'm not even talking about those sorts of sites which are ultimately a rip-off. I'm talking about multiple-site deals that actually have great content and loads of it'but it's all the same models.

Case in point: the marvelous production company of Afton Nills has a multiple-site deal that is actually full of hours and hours of super hot porn featuring some of the sweetest and cutest boys you'll ever see. It's reasonably priced and you really get a lot of content, and all of it is exclusive to Afton Nills. However, the one snag is that you won't get the variety of models you might think. Each of the brother sites has a theme of sorts; one focuses on medical clinic examinations while another focuses on prep school boys, etc. But, it's the same batch of models on every site. Don't get me wrong, this ultimately isn't a complaint because, in the case of Afton Nills, the models are fucking awesome. My reason for addressing this is that the average consumer may be thinking he's going to get a huge plethora of models he's never seen before, but that's not the case. If you're fortunate enough to join one of the Afton Nills sites, you'll be happy regardless of the fact that it's the same models who appears in each of the 5 sites. The bottom line is that there's a lot of content, the sex is smokin' hot, and you're getting way more porn for your money than you would at most sites. This is an example of a multiple-site deal that works effectively. But, if the models weren't hot, the deal would suck, and since 'hot' is a relative term that can only be determined by the individual, some members might feel ripped by 5 sites full of the same models.

Now we come to the kind of trickery that I don't like. Some producers own multiple sites that each require a separate membership, and as far as the consumer knows, there's no connection between them. Behind the scenes, some producers hire a model and shoot a dozen videos of him, then use them on three or four different sites. The content is more or less the same, though sometimes it's specific to a fetish. Meanwhile, the producer scatters the content across his multiple sites, but members of one site don't have access to the others unless they want to pay $24.95 for each site. From a business perspective, this is a practical and effective method for producers. For consumers, it feels a bit like getting pick-pocketed. This is especially true if you discover a model whom you're simply in love with, and if you want to see all his stuff, you may have to join four sites at a total of $100 just to see all the boy's material (which was all made by the same producer who's basically sticking it to you 4 times).

Multiple-site deals are an excellent idea if the content is worthy, if the variety is wide, and if the models are hot enough to warrant oversaturation. It's a slippery slope though, and the term 'exclusive' is often misapplied. Shop carefully, friends.



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