Okay, someone explain to me the fascination with huge dicks? I mean they hurt your jaw, if you suck em, and let's be honest, not many can deep throat a nine inch dick let alone an eleven or twelve inch monster dick.

Then there is the whole butt fucking to take into account. I mean sure, the asshole can stretch, but come one, those big dicks are sometimes thicker than the length of the one's you take up your ass. Now that is what I call being stretched, and that hurts too. I mean the asshole isn't made of pliable rubber or stretchable plastic; it is skin and muscle tissue.

Yet it seems every damn porn site out there, is touting these huge dicked studs, or just the same one, but under a different name. I don't get it, how many of us really encounter a guy with an eleven inch dick?

Is it that we dream about taking a big one up the ass? Is that why they push these big ones on us, or what? I mean, come on, the wife isn't average, but he sure as fuck isn't that big. Still, it can hurt going in, but at least when it is inside, he can do some power thrusts without ripping the insides out. Now if he was a ten incher, or bigger, he'd do some damage, and believe me, there would be no power thrusts going on.

Now he is a good cock sucker too, and while I am a bit above average, which by the way is under six inches, average that is, I like it when his nose pushes up into my groin. I love feeling his breath as he snorts, as the pubic hairs tickle him, and I sure as hell don't think I'd be experiencing that if I was one of those who had a huge monster cock.

Now I don't know about everyone else, but when I dream about sex, I sure as hell dream about enjoying the sex, not being pummeled by some huge dick that makes my eyes bug out when I see it pop out of the guy's shorts. I don't dream about having my throat stuffed to where I am choking, because the dick is thicker than the damned throat.

Sure there are talented folks out there who can manage a twelve inch pecker, but how about us average folks? I mean is it penis envy that makes us crave seeing bigger dicks? Is it really what gets us turned on? Personally I find it unrealistic, and I like a bit of realism in my fantasies.

Like come on, how many of you really have taken a huge dick? Yet every time a membership site gets one, its sign ups goes sky high, so from a business point of view, it makes sense, but why? Why do we rush to join when they advertise some huge monster cock?

It is a puzzler, because you know, I have watched some of those videos where the one guy is huge, and seen the pain etched across the bottom's face, as his ass gets pounded by it. I wonder is he having fun. Then I see the other guy, that blank look at times crossing his face, and I wonder, with all that blood rushing to his gorge his big dick, is he going to pass out when he shoots his load?

Then too, sometimes you see the guy biting his lip, so I wonder if the tight ass it hurting that big pole? Is the ass too tight, being stretched way too much? So, sure it can lead to some good story concepts, but is it real? Is it fun? Damned if I know, and in my younger years I have had one or two big dicked partners, and let me say, it hurt.

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