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Olivier de Long is one of the new guys over at Men of Montreal, and man, does this guy have one huge monster cock! It's 10 inches long, fat, and sheathed in foreskin. And Olivier says that he has a hard time finding girls who can handle his tool. This is probably why he's started doing videos for Men of Montreal; if anyone can give this straight Quebecois boy a decent blowjob, it'll be one of the gay men over there. And Olivier is in good company because there are quite a few very well-hung men showing up on this new gay porn site.

nerdy guy with glasses and his huge cock

As we leave Montreal we head to Australia where nerdy guy Mitch Perry is hauling out his monster meat for Bentley Race. It's a heavy hanger that dangles between his legs. Hiding behind those glasses and his shirt and tie, Mitch is like a gay superhero, and once he peels out of his clothes and takes of his specs, it's not hard to see where he gets his superhero powers. This huge cock could bring even the nastiest of villains to their knees. (Sorry, I had to go there, it's Hump Day, what do you expect?)

super thick uncut cock

Esteban appeared in a photo gallery on Tim Tales a while ago and the response to his super fat uncut cock was overwhelming. Tim Kruger of Tim Tales begged and pleaded and finally Esteban agreed to make a jack-off video. His uncut dick is spectacular, it's so fucking fat that even a skilled cocksucker would have a hard time swallowing this thing. When I see him trying to stuff this monster cock into his Fleshlight, I wonder if he's going to split it open.

Hump Day Hottie is a new feature here at GayDemon, so head back here next Wednesday where I'll bring you three other studs who will get you revved up.

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