Monsieur Univers

Well, this is all very simple and to the point and won't take long to explain. Monsieur Univers is set up by (who knows), and was started in (who knows) and it updates every (who cares). There's no information here apart from images, but we all know that they speak louder than words, so a quick glance at the photos will tell you exactly what this photo blog is all about: hard bodied, muscled, hunky, strapping, fit, bodybuilding tough men. Pure and simple. Whoever is behind this collection simply finds hot pics of these kinds of guys and re-posts them here. You can see all the followers at the bottom of the pages so you can link up with other like-minded guys, and you are also invited to write in and ask anything you want. Or you can just do what I did which was to click through each page and ogle the hunky men. Some pics are from weightlifting competitions, others are from porn sites, most guys are dressed in some way, others are naked and occasionally they sport hard-ons, too. And that, as far as I can see, is what this blog is about. It's a great photo blog to muscle in on *wink*.

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