The cost to survive sure keeps getting expensive. I mean have you checked what the price of a going out to the Movie Theater is these days? Like there goes about $20 just to get in, if you go with someone. Now, add in some popcorn, candy, a drink, and wow that just became a rather expensive date.

Was reading that the Winter Olympics for 2010, that opening ceremony tickets were going for $1200 a pop, and that is for the cheap seats. Wonder what it will actually be, come 2010?

It is depressing, but you know, a sure fire cure for depression, is ejaculation. Seriously, they say that frequent jacking off is good for a person's mental state.

Now think about it, if you are lucky enough to have a partner, a sexy young stud, why go out to the movies, spend a bloody fortune, when all you can do is maybe have a bit of a grope or if you are daring, a bit more in the darkness of the theater?

Porn is really what you make of it, and I don't know, I am a cheap son of a bitch, and I hate spending a small fortune to go out, so for me & the wife, it is to fire up the computer, go visit one of the membership sites we are members at, and sit back with some popcorn, maybe some KY, and well, enjoy ourselves.

Now some say that is boring, but if you do the same thing, I suppose it could be, but why limit yourself? I mean seriously, there are things like laptop computers, and we have a nice 17" one, so a trip out back, our WiFi connection, and well, we do it under the stars while some stud with an 11inch dick is pounding some guys ass.

It is a hell of lot more fun, than grabbing his dick in a dark theater, where he has to keep his voice down, or you have to pretend to be looking at the screen. Least this way, we can be a bit more vocal, which can be fun too.

Like the neighbor suddenly poking their head out their back door, wondering what that screeching sound was, if it was their cat or something. I mean we can see them, outlined in the porch light, while I got his dick out in my hand. I mean, not like you can do that in the movie theater.

Then too, there are the animals too. I mean it is weird, to be under a tree, and then hear the branches above your head rustle, and you look up to see some beady eyes glowing, staring down at you. It's just an animal, but hey, it does sort of give a guy a thrill.

Then too, taking the laptop out to the park, and laying down under some huge tree, while watching some hottie giving another sexy guy a rim job, is well, rather more entertaining than anything playing on the big screen. Packing some sandwiches, cold drinks, and Bob is Your Uncle. You are having a picnic, watching dirty pictures, groping in public too, and for a song.

Factor in that you are spending less than $10 a week, for that kind of fun, well, hey, that only makes it even more enjoyable. Especially if you are a cheap bastard like I am.

Who would have thought it that buying a porn membership was a way to save money?

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