Model Jock is a popular blog that's all about fit guys, sporty guys, hunks and male models who fit into what we'd call the 'jock' category. A quick scroll around proves this, but when you look deeper you find it's also about bringing you ideas about underwear, shoes, sports gear and fitness. Ok, so this means that there are some adverts on the pages, but these are discrete and well placed, so they don't get in the way. And it also means that the blog goes out of its way to find hot guys to view. This isn't porn, and so far the site is free, but it is often erotic, with semi-nude athletes and jock-guys posing in tight-fitting Speedos, lycra, and underwear.

But the blog takes you further still. Peel back the wet and clinging swimwear and you discover that the blog is owned and run by Mark Edward Studios of New York. Not only will you find links to their products, including photo-books, calendars and T-shirts, but you can apply to model for them, too. As long as you are fit, handsome, athletic and male model potential, of course!

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