BUKBUDDIES had cute boy Mitch here put on a bit of a tease for us all. They supplied several types of clothing in order to see what suited him best. It looks as though Mitch had a blast, and we all get to see how much of a little tease he can really be. So what do you think this cutie looks best in? Business suit? Sporting gear? Create your own fantasies as we check out Mitch The Teaser.


Out of the suit and into some gym gear. Love the mischievous smirk on Mitch's devilishly pretty boy face. Watching a man undress is hot sometimes. The subtle gestures, the poses. We all do it, don't we? What makes it the hottest is that he's doing it all for us. Naughty boy!


Ah yeah, here we go. Mitch taunts us with his yummy pecker poking out from under the shadow of his football jersey. Makes you want to get down on your knees and have a taste, doesn't it? Perhaps slip your hand lightly under his scrotum and slowly work a finger into his tight unsuspecting ass. The possibilities are endless.


Of course Mitch knows we're all dying to see his adorable butt. Being the little tease he is though, he gives us just a slight side view. The little bugger. My boner is raging anticipating his next move. Will he bend over and give us all the splendid glory of his lovely sphincter, or perhaps get down on hands and knees and wait for a huge cock to skew his hole like he needs? I guess we'll all have to head on over to BUKBUDDIES and see for ourselves, eh? Cum on, let's go, I'm a-cruising now.....

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